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BLUE SHADE EDITION presents for the first time in a superb edition a master selection of the extensive oeuvre of these dramatic sounding interpreters of poetry.


Finally, the timeless lyric art of sound of the mysterious POETS CRY! in the ostentatious interpretation by Same & the My Hold.

From their mid-term creative period (1990-2002), these designated shadow seekers of musical light present an initial representative cross section from the subtle creativity spanning centuries, with its roots in the first era of psychedelic music.

Protest is represented metaphysically in a genre-overlapping rendition against the standardization of music and of all visible life, which defies prejudiced judgments of convenience due to its immediate authenticity. Music is not merely played in this enchanted, stargazing espousal of poetry and sound – it comes into being – and it happens...

Significant elementary music, its artistic liberty contradicting the deceitful real world, with a totalitarian claim to utopia and full of indelible longing for a whole world in harmony.

Vast spaces are formed by way of evocative and distilled sounds, landscapes and images of musical possibility out of impossibility. Alchemic audio poetry of evocative and ineffable moments, which challenge the listener to become an artist as well. This idiosyncratic overlapping music can only be described by the new term "visionary".

The album "Awakening" is an all-embracing artistic combination of music and images and an auditory treasure.

Thirteen sentences of fantastic musical theatre.

Lyrics: among others Georg Trakl / Christine Rosetti / Theodor Fontane / Dylan Thomas / F. Tyutchef

Length: 72:35

LC-Nr. 00053



This is certainly not your everyday art rock, with its two cover versions ranging from Italian "folk music" to Thelonius Monk. You have to make a listening effort to be rewarded with the discovery of individual sound spheres.

Ragazzi Online Magazine, Volker Mantei:


To put "Awakening" into words is as difficult as grasping its musical motifs. The auditory denseness of this genre-overlapping album is a great challenge to the senses. There are giant electronic sound walls crumbling into melancholic silence in order to surge with renewed energy.

"Awakening" is definitely extraordinary in its musical and lyrical dimension, let alone its emotional one, which elevates the listener far from everyday structures. It is not merely the immenseness of musical accumulations that has to be grasped. There are shifts in auditory patterns, layers of drastically different sound types, intertwining of abstract structures, which do not seem to go together. At times it seems too strenuous to comprehend. It would be presumptuous to speak of a precise rhythm. The rhythmic shifts and counter feeds are so distinct that they can only be described as exciting individual and spontaneous creativity. "All over is Eschede..." is such a title. Operatic voices are woven into the Off, audio loops are repeated, the rhythm "interferes" with the melody. An improvisational mood declares itself which stems from a free and sheer wild spirit. Suddenly, with "Miners" the whole structure cracks. Something akin to a song spreads like warm sun beams after a heavy hailstorm.

The following title "Luna Cortese" goes even further. This song – which dates back to 1928 – has in all likelihood never been interpreted quite like this. The nonchalance of the theme is exaggerated with playful verve not unlike a revelling nursery rhyme. "In my craft or sullen art" continues along the same vein. It is an easygoing piece, reminiscent of a colourful whorehouse, in an atmosphere full of relish, which sounds just fabulous in its overall simplicity. Finally, there are longing and melancholic motifs following each other, fulfilling improvisational sound fantasies. Samples of whale songs are drifting through the tides of the sound. These songs do not seem to be atonal or avant-garde and yet they are. While "Awakening" is no light weight when it comes to its lyrical dimensions – consisting of texts by Theodor Fontane, Dylan Thomas, Georg Trakl and other authors – the voice is distorted and slightly off.

And while "Awakening" is a veritable treasure chest when it comes to strange and individualistic songs, its track no. 12 "Free intro & Round midnight" has to take the cake. This original jazz track from Thelonius Monk is turned into a tipsy pub anthem with a dangerous streak of stubbornness beneath its blatant simplicity. Terrific! This could only be followed by the instrumental "Glow highlands, glow", its ambient structure softening the emotional turmoil of the preceding track.. The repetitive configuration of this impressive opus become dynamically engrained in one's mind.

"Awakening" is an ambitious opus with a very beautiful layout. Its originality asks for an open-minded curious listener. If you succumb to Poets Cry! you will be entranced by a work that is both square and straight. Listening is highly recommended. Fastening your seatbelt is mandatory!

ECLIPSED Magazin, Allan Tepper:

Avantgarde/Eccentric POETS CRY! "Awakening"

The Munich based musicians of Poets Cry! present as their debut album an extraordinary product. The elaborate design of the digipack edition alone lifts it above the norm already. Listening to the music then creates the reasonable hope that there are still individuals out there, who put their artistic integrity above commercialisation. Its thirteen compositions form an art concept that is not easy to grasp. Taking its lyrical inspirations from John Keats, Georg Trakl and Dylan Thomas among others, it offers a diversity which finds its expression in the music as well. There is a certain affinity to the electronic pioneers, but that is not the correct analogy, since Poets Cry! artfully weave their experiment within a structured form, thus creating a picture which is synchronized with each basic atmosphere  that is evoked. Lyrics, soundscapes – the unknown.

"Awakening" is an album bound to provoke and occupy its listener. Its title is pointing out the musicians' intent!

ZILLO Magazin, Dirk Hoffmann:

While the artist and their purpose remain mysteriously in the dark, on cannot fail to immediately notice the coulourful paintings reflecting turbulent forces of nature on the digipack folder, the listener immerges into artfully woven avantgarde compositions, created from 1990 to 2002, which sound like an extremely intricate concept album without really opening itself up to the listener. Thus "Awakening" is an anxious project for the auditory canals, its musical diversity and compositional finesse being fascinating, the expressive sprechgesang, however, is not for everybody, which isn't Poets Cry!'s intention anyway. Its "highly suggestive mystery play of spontaneous sound creations within the espousal of poetry and sound", as the flyer so aptly states, demands all your attention, but if you are  ready to give it, you will be rewarded with extremely interesting word and sound structures.

GERMAN ROCKNEWS, Regina Sommerfeld:

Melodic songs and wonderful old chansons such as "Luna Cortese" or "Round Midnight" alternate. Further components of the repertoire of Poets Cry! are a cheerful reggae (Love at the Closing of All Days), a ballad with a fulminant voice (The Day is Gone) and an electronic instrumental (Poisons). Furthermore, I would like to point out "For Visions of Love", which initially sounds like a wild soundtrack and offers a lot of musical improvisation, and by all means "Glow Highlands Glow" (March of Trolls) – 13.13 minutes of fantastic movie music with its own dramaturgy and much room for individual mental images. Chuck Henderson's saxophone, by the way, sets terrific jazz highlights on four tracks of this intricate but somehow interesting album which fits no mold – and that's perfectly ok!



POETS CRY! "Awakening"            Another record that is impossible to categorize, pieces with a strange, at times heavy, at times mystical ambience. Melancholic rhythms, compositions involving singing and spoken words with an often minimalist feel to them. It would be enough to make you laugh out loud, if it weren't for that mystical something. It always appears as soon as you are ready to change the disc....It is difficult comparing this record to any other, for instance when it comes to the track "Visions of Love", which is among the best ones on this album in my opinion. The eleventh track (instrumental) is terrific as well and reminiscent of "Agitation Free" or "Ash Ra Tempel". So, the elevated level of these words would not do much for the review of this record, which comes across quite courageous nevertheless. Listen before purchasing. Some will certainly get their money's worth.

COLLOSUS Magazin, Helsinki FL, Raimo Eurasto:

"Awakening" by POETS CRY! has to be one of the strangest albums to be released shortly. It contains a composition from the year 1928 and part of its lyrics come from the works of authors such as Dylan Thomas, Theodor Fontane and Georg Trakl. From a musical point of view, the album defies categorization, there are definitely hardly any rock influences on it. For the most part, its music seems to be synthetically produced and  the vital part of the album are the lyrics. The vocalist sings in a broken English which creates a somewhat quaint and morbid atmosphere. If you insist on finding any similarities with other musicians, the music of Yello would come to mind. The album even contains a jazz piece by Thelonius Monk and lots of classical influences, not to mention that crazy Kraut-Rock atmosphere which is incorporated ever so often. If you are looking for a completely different kind of music, you will certainly find it on this album.

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